Industrial partners working with CHIC.

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3FIVETWO GROUP – Kingsbridge Private

The group has companies across Northern Ireland with specialist expertise in Surgery, Medicine, Dentistry, Nursing, Fertility, Training and Healthcare Insurance. The portfolio is extensive, and the company prides itself in the ability to react to innovative changes in local healthcare, no matter what the scale or location. For over 5 years now the company has deployed various forms of telehealth and on-line training with a view to driving efficiencies in a sector that demands the highest possible quality. The recent addition of the hospital and its 3 theatres and 3 wards means the company can offer 24hrs access to nursing and medical - surgical services.

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Advanced Community Care

Advanced Community Care was established in 2007 to provide care services to people in their own homes in the Belfast area. Founded by partners with a vast experience in the social services and care management sectors they strive to deliver the most reliable and appropriate care to all of their clients.

They understand that communication is the cornerstone of the services they provide and are always available to support both clients and staff alike.

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Analytics Engines

Founded in 2008 from the world-leading ECIT institute at Queen’s University Belfast, Analytics Engines specialises in High Performance Big Data Analytics. The company have launched a powerful, scalable, click-to-deploy platform that brings together the technical components required for customers’ specific data, software, and business needs.  The Analytics Engines environment enables the rapid transformation of data into valuable business insights within a single modular environment.  From playpens that allow for safe exploration of data to enterprise-grade analytics environments, the Analytics Engines platform accelerates the journey from pilot to production.

Analytics Engines engages with the Life Sciences & Pharmaceutical industries by providing innovative industry solutions to help enable drug-driven discovery and precision medicine diagnostics.  The company works closely with private organisations in this field and collaborative networks across the UK.

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Ann's Homecare

Since 1994, Ann's Homecare has been devoted to providing the highest quality services to clients and has gained a reputation for the delivery of high-quality holistic care to clients in their own home.

Ann’s Home Care is based in Annaghmore near Portadown and provides services to clients in their own home throughout the Southern Area region which include Armagh, Dungannon Coalisland, Keady, Markethill, Richill, Loughgall Craigavon area including Portadown, Lurgan and Tandragee, Newry and Banbridge areas.

As a locally based company they have strong links and good working relationship with external health care professionals such as GPs, district Nurses, Social workers, physiotherapists, and occupational therapists.

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Ballee Pharmacy

We are a community pharmacy based in Ballymena since 2009. Our devotion to providing the best care and support possible to our patients has led us to innovate over the last few years by introducing a new automated compliance support service to patients, carers and families. We continue to look for new opportunities to develop solutions that meet the demands and needs of our patients to assist them in living independently for as long as possible.

As a community-based pharmacy, we have good working relationships with many other primary carers, GP’s, domiciliary carers, District Nurses, Nursing and Care home staff. As well as assisting our patients and their families, working as part of a healthcare team with other key stakeholders and using technology we hope to improve the health and wellbeing of our patients even further.

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Bioflex Yarns Ltd

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Causeway Sensors

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CIGA Healthcare

CIGA has distributors across the world who can supply retailers with the opportunity to have a carefully selected range of fast selling Self-Test Products. These can be promoted as an integrated range to their customers and provides coverage of all age demographics from 0–100 under one brand SURESIGN®.

In this increasing market, CIGA Healthcare Ltd is strategically positioned, with their wide range of products and inherent flexibility, to respond to market demands. CIGA Healthcare can supply products under their own Suresign® brand or under a private label, depending on demand.

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Contract manufacturing and software media duplication services for customers, locally and exporting to North America, EMEA and APAC. This is done by working closely with customers to find the best manufacturing and supply chain solutions for each product requirement to help them save time, reduce costs and focus on their core competencies.

Set up in Co Antrim in 2010, the team is built on the vast experience, knowledge and talents of highly-skilled engineers and technicians who have manufactured and integrated products for a global telecoms OEM for decades. Work continues in this sector with expansion into other sectors, including power and defence, with a particular focus on Connected Health. CMASS fulfils orders of high to low complexity in small to large volumes. Activities include NPI, volume manufacturing and end-of-life for systems build and configuration, PCBA, box-build, assembly services, cable looms and a variety of testing services.

Software media duplication and print services (discs, USBs, flash drives, hard drives, key codes, etc.) are used by customers for issuing software updates, enabling product features and presenting IFUs, manuals and promotional materials.ISO 9001:2008 certified, CMASS complies with ESD standard BS EN 61340 (5.1) and TL9000 standard and has LEAN manufacturing expertise. CMASS makes products which are CE, CSA and UL approved. Preparation for ISO 13485 accreditation and FDA compliance is in progress. CMASS exceeds customers’ expectations with its agility, responsiveness, personal service and excellent quality manufacturing.

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Cirdan Imaging Ltd was founded in 2010 and is engaged in the design and manufacture of medical devices to assist in the acceleration and enhancement of patient diagnosis. The company uses its expertise in imaging and software to develop better tools for diagnosis especially for the detection and treatment of cancer. Innovation is a central theme in the design and development activities of new and existing products. Cirdan’s highly regarded ULTRA Laboratory Information System is used across the globe in pathology labs to manage clinical tests across all pathology disciplines. Our PathLite product helps enhance traceability and details recorded during the specimen dissection task in the lab and we have line of x-ray specimen cabinets for the examination of breast specimens in the treatment of breast cancer.

Emergency Services Locate (ESL)

Robust and reliable location tracking and communications for the Emergency Services Sector -

Technology that you and your team can rely on. When others rely on you and your team to be safe first, ESL sensor hardware and software knows your location, displayed in a feature rich intuitive software application with robust and reliable comms. When your team go in, we have their back.

The majority of internal tracking vendors use and rely on a combination of sensors and wireless technology fusion.  Our product and technology for indoor location tracking, as an individual or a team, relies on field tested wearable sensors without having to rely on any external infrastructure or signals. A facet of the solution is robust and reliable comms enabled by our low cost, disposable mesh network. Founded in 2017, our world-class R&D team and marketing experts have worked tirelessly to bring Emergency Services Locate (ESL) to the forefront of the Emergency Services Sector.

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Extra Care

Extra Care is a not for profit organisation with charitable status. Their mission is to provide ‘innovative, high quality, flexible services so that people have the choice to remain living at home with dignity.’ They are a vibrant modern organisation, always willing to listen to improve and to put their service users at the centre of what they do.  This approach has sustained them through a long tradition of providing high quality care in people’s homes dating back to 1935.

Extra Care is the largest provider of care at home in Northern Ireland. The company provide a range of services that respond to the needs of older people, dependent adults and children who are cared for at home in all areas of Northern Ireland. There are also services that support families and carers.

The services are also available in the North Eastern area of the Republic of Ireland.

Healthcare Analytics Ltd Image

Healthcare Analytics Ltd

Health Union Technologies Ltd Image

Health Union Technologies Ltd

Health Union Technologies Ltd. is an Irish health tech start developing an automated Diagnostic Health  Hub  for monitoring individuals Health & Wellness providing accessible  eHealth accounts & portal interface to health & insurance services.

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Healthy Kidz

Healthy Kidz began its journey in 2014 as a coaching organisation delivering fun and engaging physical activity sessions in primary schools throughout Northern Ireland. In the years since our inception, the programme has expanded and evolved considerably in order to offer more holistic development opportunities to the children we work with, focusing on physical development, health and wellbeing.

Having built a reputation as one of the country’s leading outsourced coaching providers and experienced first-hand the issues that exist in terms of physical inactivity and poor health status among youth populations, we have embarked on a revolutionary mission to create a first of its kind software platform, that will enable schools to accurately record and report on the health and wellbeing of their pupils on an ongoing basis.

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Homecare Independent Living

Homecare Independent Living is a leading provider of health and social care to people who want to live in their own homes, in their own communities and close to their families.

Quality, innovation, and investment in people are at the core of the business and the company takes pride in the continuing development of specialist care teams who provide a range of innovative services to the elderly, disabled and vulnerable in the community.

Homecare Independent Living offers a unique and innovative mix of integrated services delivered by competent and caring individuals including health and social care, housing, and support services. As a solution driven company, it empowers and enables people of all abilities to engage in a level of independent living that would not otherwise be possible.

Home Care Service (NI) LTD T/AS Domestic Care Image

Home Care Service (NI) LTD T/AS Domestic Care

Established in 1993, Domestic Care Group is a Northern Ireland based provider of care services, delivering care and support to older people, people living with dementias and mental health issues, physically disabled adults and children in a community setting.  Services range from social support including community meals through personal care to complex nursing care in people’s own homes and through our sister company in a residential setting. Committed to embracing change, developing new systems of care delivery, and using technologies to improve care outcomes, Domestic Care is recognised as a leader in its field.

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Ilimex was founded in Ballycastle, Co Antrim in 2020 in response to the Covid 19 pandemic, when it was discovered that UV light could be manipulated to kill viruses and pathogens on first pass without the need for harmful ozone.

Ilimex Ltd uses a combination of sterilisation technologies to continuously eliminate >99.9999% of airborne pathogens on the first pass through the Ilimex air sterilising unit.  The technologies involved are: Wide band UV Sources, Titanium Dioxide Photocatalytic Filtration, HEPA Filters, Activated Carbon.

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Intelesens Ltd

Intelesens is an internationally recognized, leading innovator in targeted vital signs monitoring.  The company is a spin-out from the University of Ulster in Northern Ireland, where there is a strong long-term relationship with leading academics.  Intelesens designs and manufactures non-invasive, wearable, wireless vital signs monitoring devices.  These are miniature intelligent sensors which are worn on the torso that measure and transmit a range of vital signs including heart rate, 3-Lead ECG, respiration rate, temperature and motion.  zensor, Intelesens’ newest development is designed to be worn by a patient in their home and community and transmits data back to a secure server via Wi-Fi.

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ISArc Ltd

ISArc focuses on the development of software solutions to support professionals and charities based in the community. Our approach has been to create low up-front investment solutions that are managed on behalf of our clients. We are keen to work with CHIC to develop our network and understand some of the emerging healthcare needs that match with our products and services.



MEDEA is a SME working in the e-health and Ambient Assisted Living systems It has a specific expertise on distributed architecture for data sharing and integration of heterogeneous data sources, modelling and development of system intelligence. MEDEA develops and provides integrated solutions to plan and deliver through multichannel interfaces different service levels for personalized care (Working Groups Activity Planner, Service Workflow modelling, Routing and Localization, Reporting services). MEDEA  has also a proved experience in service models definition and innovation impact evaluation methods. MEDEA acts at national and European level as e-Health solution provider.



Kraydel provides non-intrusive monitoring and support for the elderly and other vulnerable people living independent lives in their own homes. Our simple, easy-to-install device alerts care-givers to changes in behaviour and other potential risks. The device delivers reminders in the home for medication, housekeeping and other important tasks, and enables easy-to-use video calling, text and picture messaging using a simple interface which has been designed especially for the elderly.

Lava Group Image

Lava Group

Technology company based in Belfast, who provide innovative products and solutions for the connected health and criminal justice markets.  For over 20 years Lava have developed unique software and innovative technologies to provide solutions to complex problems.

Innovation is central to the company’s development and values, and we continually invest 20% of our profits in R&D to develop new solutions for our customers.  Our products reduce costs whilst increasing the quality of life for both staff and patients.  Recognised as market leaders in biometric solutions, the company is currently focusing on behavioural analysis and vital signs monitoring.

Leckey Group Image

Leckey Group

James Leckey Design is an internationally recognised leader in the provision of clinically innovative products which improve the health and wellbeing of kids with special needs.  Established in 1983, Leckey work in partnership with clinicians, product users and their families to design and manufacture posturally supportive equipment. Research and evidence-based practice is at the core of everything we do.

Leckey are committed to embracing new technology and using intelligence to transform their product portfolio, providing feedback to all stakeholders to improve the functionality, performance and interactivity of the equipment we provide.

Liopa Image


Liopa develop Visual Speech Recognition (VSR) technology - effectively automated Lip reading.   The company are using this technology to create a communications application for tracheostomy patients, who can’t speak but can move their lips normally.  The SRAVI application (Speech Recognition App for the Voice Impaired) will run on a smartphone and, when pointed towards the patient, will analyse their lip movements and decide which phrase, from a pre-defined list, is being uttered.  Compared to the limited alternatives available, SRAVI will provide an easy-to-use, accurate and cost effective method for communication between these patients, their family members and healthcare staff. SRAVI will be trialled in 2 NHS critical care environments in mid 2019.

Little Fox Studios Image

Little Fox Studios

Liopa develop Visual Speech Recognition (VSR) technology - effectively automated Lip reading.   The company are using this technology to create a communications application for tracheostomy patients, who can’t speak but can move their lips normally.  The SRAVI application (Speech Recognition App for the Voice Impaired) will run on a smartphone and, when pointed towards the patient, will analyse their lip movements and decide which phrase, from a pre-defined list, is being uttered.  Compared to the limited alternatives available, SRAVI will provide an easy-to-use, accurate and cost effective method for communication between these patients, their family members and healthcare staff. SRAVI will be trialled in 2 NHS critical care environments in mid 2019.

Multitone Electronics PLC Image

Multitone Electronics PLC

As a pioneer of wireless messaging, Multitone Electronics plc is a specialist developer of integrated communication systems for on-site and global use. The organisation; which is best known for its supply of critical communications, continues to explore and develop reliable communications and controls, whilst offering robust, targeted systems that effectively and reliably integrate with customers’ existing systems and technologies.

The product offering combines the best in wireless telephony, radio-paging systems and personal security systems with professional services and tailored software to create a truly cohesive communication platform.

Multitone is part of Champion Technology Holdings.

Novaerus Image


Novaerus is part of WellAir, an Irish company on a mission to create productive, healthy, energy-efficient indoor spaces free of pollutants that cause infection, allergies, asthma, and irritation. WellAir Solutions is an ecosystem model that combines Novaerus medical-grade portable air dis-infection units, Plasma Air HVAC air purification devices, IAQ sensors and monitoring software.

ProAxsis Image


ProAxsis specialises in the development and conduct of assays for the capture, detection and measurement of active protease biomarkers of disease.  Our easy-to-use tests incorporate patented “ProteaseTags®”; smart molecules which trap an active protease within a complex biological sample and enable a visual readout of its presence.

The company has registered a CE Mark for activity-based immunoassays targeting Neutrophil Elastase (NE) and Proteinase 3, as biomarkers of lung infection and inflammation in chronic respiratory diseases such as COPD, cystic fibrosis and bronchiectasis; and Plasmin, as a biomarker of fibrosis in diseases such as pre-eclampsia. This technology has been translated in to a point-of-care test (NEATstik®), to enable ongoing monitoring of active NE levels.  Recently published data has shown that measuring Active NE levels using NEATstik® enables identification of patients with airway bacterial infection and those patients at highest risk of exacerbations over the subsequent 12 months.  ProAxsis is now seeking a global commercialisation partner for this novel product.

Aside from the provision of assays, ProAxsis is able to offer sample analysis at its purpose-built laboratory facility in Northern Ireland, and the company can work with partners wishing to develop an immunoassay for a specific active protease biomarker.

Pulse AI Image

Pulse AI

Randox Laboratories Ltd Image

Randox Laboratories Ltd

Established in 1982, the principal activity of Randox is the design, manufacture and marketing of a vast range of high-quality products for laboratory medicine.  Randox ranks in 20th position within the global clinical diagnostics market. Randox’s extensive product portfolio includes clinical chemistry reagents and analysers, quality control material, internal quality control software, RIQAS – the largest global External Quality Assurance scheme in the world - and Biochip Array Technology (BAT) that allows simultaneous detection of multiple analytes using a single patient sample for a complete patient profile and effective diagnosis. Randox won the McRobert Award for Engineering for BAT and has five Queen’s Awards for Export. Randox products are used in over 145 countries worldwide by hospital laboratories, veterinary clinics/laboratories, pharmaceutical/CRO companies, forensic laboratories and food and wine testing laboratories.  Randox are committed to ensuring individuals worldwide have access to timely and correct diagnosis.

Redburn Solutions Image

Redburn Solutions

Redburn Solutions Ltd is an indigenous Business Integration company based in Titanic Quarter Belfast. They specialise in portals, mobile and Business Intelligence. Their focus is Health and Education, delivering EU research to public and commercial organisations. Collaboration is pivotal to their development, advancing academic research for public benefit.

Currently the company are working with 19 Universities in eHealth on midwifery, maternity and associated disciplines research from Iceland to Australia. They are also researching the psychological patterns that exist within the English-speaking education systems.

Their partnerships are fundamental in developing and implementing ICT solutions using Open source/Cloud technologies. Their aim is to provide products to our world-wide clients.

RF Proximity Image

RF Proximity

Based in the Titanic Quarter, Belfast, RF Proximity designs, develops and delivers integrated solutions for a connected world.

We develop customised low-power wireless solutions for a range of sectors including healthcare, security, retail, marketing, asset tracking and remote metering.

With expertise across a range of technologies we are able to deliver complete end-to-end Cloud-connected solutions and Apps for the Internet of Things.

Rhone Group Image

Rhone Group

S2ACK LTD. Image


Focusing primarily on the IoT, Health and Video Surveillance industries, s2ack provides in depth technical development support for both software and hardware. Specialising in software consultancy we have a proven track record in providing customers with robust technical solutions. We have years of significant experience using Baremetal/RTOS solutions for memory constrained microcontrollers along with an in-depth knowledge developing Linux based products using cutting edge SoC packages.  Typical customer engagements include end to end software/firmware design, development and testing either on bespoke or commercially available hardware.

Sentireal Image


Slever Locator Services Image

Slever Locator Services

Stable Innovations Image

Stable Innovations

Tech4Care srl (T4C) Image

Tech4Care srl (T4C)

Tech4Care is an innovative Italian start- company, seeking to innovate care and rehabilitation for frail older people by using new technological and professional approaches. Founded in 2015 by a group of healthcare researchers and practitioners in Ancona (Italy), Tech4Care aims at mobilising interdisciplinary expertise and resources to develop innovative programmes that support frail and dependent people in their daily life, allowing them to live more independently and healthily in their homes, for as long as possible. Tech4Care has also a specific competence and focus on neurodegenerative diseases, such as stroke and dementias, with whom it has been working in the last years for addressing the complex needs of patients and their caregivers.

Tech4Care performs a range of activities coherent with its business core. They include: provision of care and tailored packages of assistive technologies to patients and their families; research and development (R&D) on new products and services; training and health education for patients, families and health professionals; scientific research; consulting on health and social care service management, data science and project management in the field.

Tech4Care has established national and international networks of collaborating institutions, both SMEs and research centres, in order to work together and exploit R&D activity at best. Tech4Care staff is currently
composed by 9 members, including engineers, economists, epidemiologists, project managers, software developers, and nurses.

Trackars Homecare and Healthcare Services Image

Trackars Homecare and Healthcare Services

Trackars established for 8 years, deliver care, support, dignity and promote independence for our service users.

Bespoke packages with small teams of experienced staff, such as: Nurses, Nursing Auxiliaries, Home Carers, Support Workers and House Keepers.

Trackars provide services for: Mental Health, Learning Disability, Brain Injury, Dementia Care, Palliative Care, Older People Services, Shopping & Appointments, Supported Living.

Wellbeing 24/7

WestRock Belfast Image

WestRock Belfast

WestRock Belfast is a global supplier of printed packaging to the Pharmaceutical/Healthcare, Branded, Food and Drink and Media sectors.

Established in the heart of Belfast City in 1865 as WW Cleland we have an impressive +150 years' local history of manufacturing and supply to the world’s leading brands. We owe our longevity and success to highly-skilled, passionate, Belfast people, the family local heart of a global organisation of 400+ sites and 45,000+ staff in 30 countries across 4 continents.

We work in partnership with our world-class customers who acknowledge our strong ethical approach to business. The organisation is founded on solid values of Integrity, Respect, Accountability and Excellence. We provide excellent solutions that exceed customer's expectations by ensuring our products continually add value to their brands.

As a Northern Ireland Top 100 Company, developing and manufacturing innovative carton-board packaging solutions for our customers, our products contribute globally to the wellbeing of others. Recent innovation in new technology, systems and manufacturing equipment ensures we remain competitive and capable today and well-placed for the future. Current holder and second-time award winner of Best Site in the organisation, our Belfast site is recognised both internally and externally among international accreditation bodies as a conscientious, reliable and highly respected local employer that is widely recognised as a valuable contributor to the community.