Analytics Engines

Founded in 2008 from the world-leading ECIT institute at Queen’s University Belfast, Analytics Engines specialises in High Performance Big Data Analytics. The company have launched a powerful, scalable, click-to-deploy platform that brings together the technical components required for customers’ specific data, software, and business needs.  The Analytics Engines environment enables the rapid transformation of data into valuable business insights within a single modular environment.  From playpens that allow for safe exploration of data to enterprise-grade analytics environments, the Analytics Engines platform accelerates the journey from pilot to production.

Analytics Engines engages with the Life Sciences & Pharmaceutical industries by providing innovative industry solutions to help enable drug-driven discovery and precision medicine diagnostics.  The company works closely with private organisations in this field and collaborative networks across the UK.

Analytics Engines Case Studies

Wireless data acquisition from assistive devices to determine efficacy

To gathered data within a paediatric population that can be used to provide evidence for clinical practice. Currently there is little scientific evidence on the benefits of assistive technologies, potentially due to the difficulty in measuring such benefits outside of the clinic.

In partnership with

Ulster University
Queens University Belfast
Invest Northern Ireland