Liopa develop Visual Speech Recognition (VSR) technology - effectively automated Lip reading.   The company are using this technology to create a communications application for tracheostomy patients, who can’t speak but can move their lips normally.  The SRAVI application (Speech Recognition App for the Voice Impaired) will run on a smartphone and, when pointed towards the patient, will analyse their lip movements and decide which phrase, from a pre-defined list, is being uttered.  Compared to the limited alternatives available, SRAVI will provide an easy-to-use, accurate and cost effective method for communication between these patients, their family members and healthcare staff. SRAVI will be trialled in 2 NHS critical care environments in mid 2019.

Liopa Case Studies

Elder Social Engagement Gamification/Nudging

Our care systems cannot sustain the cost of the rapidly growing elder population. We need to move from a reactive to a pro-active model of care, and reducing loneliness is known to promote better health and faster recovery from illness and treatment.

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