The Team

CHIC brings together academics, researchers and innovators with leading (cutting edge) expertise in healthcare, engineering and computing to develop new digital technologies that are transforming patient care and outcomes.

Centre Management

Dr Paschal McCloskey

Dr Paschal McCloskey is the Centre Director for the Northern Ireland Connected Health Innovation Centre which delivers industry-led healthcare research in Northern Ireland. Paschal’s current role involves interfacing with a wide range of stakeholders in the Northern Ireland Healthcare sector to facilitate the development of novel technologies across the care continuum.

He has recently been the CEO of a leading nanotechnology company which launched the world’s first MOF product along with raising £5M funding. He has over 10 yrs experience in commercialising early stage University Technology in the Med Tech / Chemical sectors.

He has worked as an Investment Manager at a transatlantic Investment Firm with a focus in the healthcare and medical device sector. Previous to this he was responsible for commercialising new technologies from Queen’s University.

Principle Investigators

Professor James McLaughlin

Professor James McLaughlin, a physicist,  is the co-Principal Investigator of the Connected Health Innovation Centre at Ulster University. He is also the Director of the Nanotechnology and Integrated Bioengineering Centre (NIBEC) and Head of the School of Engineering.

He is a Fellow of the Institute of Physics and the Irish Academy of Engineering and was recently awarded an OBE for his services to Research and Economic Development in Northern Ireland. With over 300 publications, over 35 patents and awarded over £60m of research funding, his present research interests address nanotechnology and its application in areas such as rapid point-of-care sensors and cardiology based medical diagnostics.

He is also amongst the UK’s top 100 Lifesavers recognised for his exceptional contribution to keeping the nation healthy.

Professor Chris Nugent

Chris is currently the Head of the School of Computing at Ulster University and leads the Pervasive Computing Research Group.  He received a Bachelor of Engineering in Electronic Systems and DPhil in Biomedical Engineering both from Ulster University and currently holds the position of Professor of Biomedical Engineering.

His research within biomedical engineering addresses the themes of the development and evaluation of technologies to support pervasive healthcare within smart environments. Specifically, this has involved research in the topics of mobile based reminding solutions, activity recognition and behaviour modelling and more recently technology adoption modelling. He has published over 450 papers in these areas and has been a grant holder of Research Projects funded by National, European and International funding bodies.

He is the co-Principal Investigator of the Connected Health Innovation Centre at Ulster University and a co-Investigator of the British Telecom Ireland Innovation Centre.  In 2016 he was awarded the Senior Distinguished Research Fellowship from Ulster University.


Claire Orr

Claire is a Research Associate within NI-CHIC and the Connected Health Living Lab (CH:LL).  She received a B.Sc. in Information and Communication Technologies with Professional Practice in 2013.  Post-graduate she took on the role of Jr. GRC Consultant for a SAP company, where she worked and trained in Bangalore, India for 7 months.  In 2015, she became a Ph.D. candidate researching activity recognition within smart environments.  Since becoming a Research Associate in 2018, she is continuing to complete her Ph.D. part-time.

Claire’s research has been based around monitoring the wellbeing of patients with dementia through the installation of smart technologies in the home.  Day to day she manages the CH:LL and attends events to promote CHIC.  Her research interests are focused on smart technology installation, analysis of pervasive data and using eye tracking to evaluate usability of websites and mobile applications.

Colin Shewell

Colin Shewell graduated with First Class honours in ICT and continued to study for a PhD in Computer Science at Ulster University. Research Associate within CHIC for two years and current a Lecturer in Computer Science at Ulster University. Research interests and experience include machine vision, wearable technology, and connected health solutions.”

Dr Ian Cleland

Ian Cleland Ph.D, is a Lecturer in Data Analytics, within the School of Computing at Ulster University. His research focuses on the development and evaluation of novel healthcare technologies that incorporate concepts from pervasive computing, biomedical engineering and behavioural science.

Areas of particular interest include, technologies for measuring and motivating healthy behaviours, supporting healthy independent living at home, activity recognition and the use of wearable and mobile computing for longitudinal measurement, specifically physical activity.

Dr Paul McCullagh

Dr Paul McCullagh is a Reader in the School of Computing & Mathematics at the Ulster University. He specializes in the teaching of data communications, computer networking and health informatics. His research interests include Biomedical Signal and Image Processing, Data Mining, Brain Computer Interfaces, and Assisted Living applications.

Dr. Matias Garcia-Constantino

Dr. Matias Garcia-Constantino is a Research Associate in Computer Science within the School of Computing and CHIC. He received his undergraduate degree in Computer Engineering at the National Autonomous University of Mexico in 2007.

He received his PhD in Computer Science from the University of Liverpool in 2013 with the focus of his research in Text Mining and Natural Language Processing.  He has experience working in industry and in academia.

He worked in two consulting companies as Java Programmer and as Data Analyst respectively. He has worked as a researcher in Computer Science at the universities of Liverpool, Newcastle and Ulster. His research interests include: Data Analysis, Connected Health, Pervasive Health, Legal Technology and Natural Language Processing.

Dr. Srinvasu Puttaswamy

Dr. Srinvasu Puttaswamy is a Research fellow within the Connected Health Innovation Centre. His current research focus is on fabrication ZnO nanowire based wearable sensor and porous microneedle with a microfluidic system for low volume biofluid extraction.

The projects Srinivasu has been involved with, have focused on the development of:

  • novel biomedical microdevices
  • fabricated flexible, nano electrodes for cortical and peripheral nerve stimulation/recording
  • versatile microfluidic platform for single/doublet/triplet/multi cell trapping for various biomedical applications
  • hydrogel based transparent optical window (for long term microcirculation observation of brain) suitable for application such as photo acoustic imaging, two photon imaging and stroke monitoring
  • UV curable hydrogel as a bio glue during in vivo chronic muscle/nerve stimulation experiments

Xin Wei

Xin Wei is a research associate at CHIC. Xin has been awarded a doctorate in Computer Vision and has previously received a master degree in computer application and technology from the School of Mathematics and Computer Science, Fujian Normal University, China, in 2016. Xin’s research interests include face recognition, image representation, deep learning and medical image processing.

Jordan Vincent

Jordan Vincent is a research associate at CHIC. Jordan is completing his doctorate in Computer Science from Ulster University where he has already received a BSc degree in Computer Science. His research interests include machine learning, applications of artificial intelligence, computer vision, IoT, and spectroscopy.